Ozone Air & Surface


Your Safety is Our Priority

Bonita Prime Dental is Disinfecting the Air & Surfaces with SanusAer Ozone Treatments

The team at Bonita Prime Dental wants to reassure you that we are taking extra precautions with our sanitation for the safety of both our staff and our patients. We are now using a SanusAer High Output Ozone Generator to sanitize and disinfect our office.

One of the most powerful disinfectants is ozone. In fact, when compared to the most popular disinfectant chlorine bleach, the effects of ozone sanitation are 1000 times stronger than chlorine bleach and kills any and all bacteria and viruses within 2 seconds!

disinfecting the air and surfaces

What is Ozone?

Ozone, also known as trioxygen, is a reactive gas that has a density which is greater than air which makes it ideal for disinfecting air and water. Ozone kills both single and multicellular organisms which have a low cell specialization such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. As a reactive gas, Ozone can reach every surface it encounters leaving the area with clean breathable oxygen which has been described by many as the air after a thunderstorm and air that has an ultra-fresh scent.

What are the Benefits of Ozone?


Ozone gas is 1,000 times more effective than chlorine bleach


Ozone safely eliminates allergens, bacteria, viruses & chemical pollutants


Ozone treatments leave the room clean and sanitized with an ultra fresh aroma in the air


Short processing time of approximately 10 to 30 minutes depending upon the size of the indoor space


Ozone is generated onsite when needed and does not leave any harmful residues behind


Can be used to disinfect many different areas such as medical offices, dental offices, hospitals, hotels, houses, offices, salons, spas, vehicles and much more