Emergency Dental Care

Same-Day Emergency Dental Care for When You Need Us Most

For over 25 years, Bonita Prime Dental has been providing premier, patient-focused oral care to patients in Bonita Springs. With our team of general, orthodontic and endodontic dentists, we can meet every dental need that you have – including dental emergencies – in one convenient location. When you’re suddenly facing a dental emergency, what may have started out as a good day, can quickly turn into a difficult one. There’s no need to endure dental discomfort, when relief is as easy as picking up the phone. We offer same-day emergency appointments to ease your pain quickly and get your smile on the road to recovery. If you have an urgent dental need, call our office to let us know you’re on your way and we’ll have everything waiting to assist you when you arrive at our office.

emergency dental care

We’re Always Here For You

Dental emergencies are seldom convenient, often occurring after normal business hours. If you find yourself in need of urgent dental care after our office has closed, we will still make ourselves available to help you with your concern. Call our office at any time for assistance. Our after-hours answering message will provide you with emergency contact information so that you can reach our on-call dentist.

There’s no need to endure dental discomfort, when relief is as easy as picking up the phone

Your Dental Emergency

If you’re unsure whether you’re experiencing a dental emergency, just give us a call. Prompt treatment is important, not just for your comfort, but to prevent your urgent problem from worsening – and getting more expensive to treat. Call us right away if you’re experiencing:


Persistant Toothache


Pain, swelling or sensitivity that’s worsening, instead of improving


A damaged or knocked out tooth


An abscessed tooth


A broken restoration, such as a dental crown, bridge or denture


Traumatic oral injury